The West London Combine is a group of cycling clubs who organise cycling time trials for the benefit of the other members of the Combine.  Combine events are only open to members of Combine clubs.

We are affiliated to Cycling Time Trials, in the London West District.


28 Feb 2019 Updated time trial calendar with cancellation of 3rd March time trial due to roadworks.
17 Feb 2019 Refreshed website ready for 2019 season.


Pat Bryant
Middlesex RC
Gary Cawte
British Airways CC
Mick Paddington
Willesden CC
Jim Williams
Harp RC
Gladys Purdy
Willesden CC
Ron Purdy
Willesden CC
Roger Woolsley
Westerley CC
Account Examiner
Alan Hodgson
South Bucks RC

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